Wedding Bouquet Malta

The bridal bouquet is one of the three main focal point of a wedding. The other two main focal points are the wedding cake and the wedding dress. So selecting the right bouquet is very important, but how should a bride choose her wedding bouquet.

First of all the bridal bouquet should fit with the overall style of the wedding dress. If a bride had a slim fitting minimalistic dress the bouquet should not be bulky. If the wedding dress has a modern design the flowers and bouquet design should also be modern. Another aspect is that the bouquet should not hide the decoration of the wedding dress. For example if the dress has a nice lacy design on the waistline, the bride should not have a big bouquet that covers the whole design.

The type of flowers to choose for the wedding bouquet is also very important. Some flowers are seasonal and you will not find them all year round. Other flowers are not robust enough to endure a whole day of hard activity like a wedding. Other flowers simply start crumbling as soon as you put them on a flat surface. As the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold. So before booking your bridal bouquet consult your wedding planner in Malta and make sure that the flowers selected will remain beautiful throughout your special day.

The colour of your bridal bouquet should be such that it sticks out from the rest of the flowers in the church and those of the bridesmaids but at the same time should fit the overall colour theme of your wedding. Sometimes this can be a bit tricky and to achieve the right colour scheme requires a lot of experimenting and time but with the right guidance and perseverance, you will achieve the perfect result.

Other very important thing that few brides think about is the weight and grip of the wedding bouquet. Make sure that the bouquet is not too heavy and that the grip is adequate for your hand. Remember that you have a whole day holding this bouquet. Also during the wedding day remember not to slouch your shoulders because of the design or weight of the bouquet. If you feel that you are slouching your shoulders, stop holding the bouquet for 10-15 minutes. Remember it is better to appear in a photo without the bouquet than with the bouquet and the wrong posture. Sometimes it is helpful to tell one of your bridesmaids’s to inform you if you slouch as you might be too busy to remember to take care of your posture.

Last but not least have fun with your bridal bouquet, include it in as many wedding photos as possible and put it in water as soon as you reach home after the wedding.

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