Wedding Cake Malta

The wedding cake is a piece of art in itself. Maybe you never taught about it but sometimes countless hours goes to create the perfect wedding cake. So always keep in mind that the more decorations and the more tiers you wish on your wedding cake the higher the price tag will be. So what is involved in selecting the perfect wedding cake for you and your guests.

First of all you got to decide on a flavour. If you or you know that any of your immediate family is allergic to some ingredients, for example nuts, make sure that at least one of the tiers is nut free. Usually we advice our clients to make different flavours in each tier. Doing so, you have greater chance to cater for everyone tastes.

The design of the wedding cake should fit in the overall theme of your wedding. So let’s say that your overall wedding them is purple and white, then the cake should have a bit of both colours. Yet, fell free to add more colours and design to it. With the right guidance from your wedding planner, you will end up creating a masterpiece from your wedding cake that truly reflects you as a human being and is appreciated by your guests.

Make sure when selecting your wedding cake that you have enough cake for all your guests. If you opt to make different flavours in each tier than you need to take in consideration that a number of guests will take more than one piece. It is a known fact that a lot of people forget about their diets during a wedding and you will be surprised on the amount of sweets that will be consumed on the day.

Finally after you make up your mind on all the flavour, design, colour and size you may opt to finish it off with a nice topper. The selection of topper designs nowadays is as varied as it can get. However generally with a plain or one colour wedding cake it is advisable to go for a colourful topper while on a colourful cake it is advisable to keep the topper simple and less colourful. Another interesting idea is to make the topper designed in such a way to look like the bride and the groom.

Last but not least, on the wedding day make sure that your photographer takes a lot of photos of the wedding cake and takes photos of the detail involved.

Enjoy sharing the sweetness with your guests and congratulations for your upcoming wedding

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