Malta offers several beaches for everyone’s tastes and liking. The best sandy beaches for swimmers and sunbathers are situated in the Northern part of the islands. These are Golden Bay and Ghadira Bay

Golden Bay – The bay is situated in unspoilt countryside and despite the bay is very popular (especially in the summer months), one still feels in touch with nature when visiting. The bay is kept meticulously clean and the fine light creamish sand offers the perfect cushion for a perfect day under the Mediterranean sun. The amenities available in the beach are varies and include:

Food - Two kiosks, run by the same operator are situated on the beach. The food is of good quality and the facilities and service provided are adequate.

Water sport – The activities that can be booked vary from a relaxed paddle in a paddle boat to banana boat to water skiing.

General Safety – The bay is safe to swim during most days of the year. Occasionally there are strong underwater sea currents during which swimming will not be recommended. A red flag will be raised on the bay when there is the risk of such currents.

Golden Bay is easily accessible with people with mobility issues and is very child friendly.

Ghadira Bay –The biggest and safest bay to swim bay in Malta. It is situated in Mellieha and is easily accessible by car or bus. The bay itself is divided in 3 sandy areas divided by small rocky sections. The middle section is the nicest and busiest area of all. The water at Ghadira bay is quite shallow and one can comfortably walk in the sea for over hundred meters. This makes it ideal for any type of water games.

Food – Several food outlets are located along the beach. Some of these outlets are only licences to sell ice-cream and snacks while others offer a full restaurant service.

Water sport – Jet skies are very popular. However there is a plethora of other water activates that can be enjoyed.

General Safety – The beach rarely experiences rough seas and there are no underwater currents. Also being that the beach is relatively shallow, big waves and broken down further out at sea.

Beach wedding Malta

The unspoilt rocky formations and the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea attracts a number of couple who decide to tie the knot on one of the several Maltese beaches. In order to carry out a beach wedding on a public beach in Malta you will require a permit. We will obviously get that for you. If you are planning to get married on a private beach in Malta, then you will not need the permit. Also the Maltese Registrar need to approve the wedding location beforehand, so generally it is better to stick to well known areas to get married or else ask the expert advice of your local wedding planner.

Feedback from some of our clients who opted for a beach wedding in Malta

Angie and Scott - Imagine saying your ‘I do’s’, few meters away from the sea with your feet soaked in hot golden sands. That was exactly the setting that was created for me for my wedding. Needless to say it was the perfect setting and we as well as all our guests loved it.

Sinead and Peter – We got married under a gazebo on a sandy beach at sunset. It was fabulous. I walked down a red carpet, which was laid down for me over the sand. The weather, the food and the overall atmosphere was chic yet informal.

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