Sliema is one of the top 3 touristic areas on the island of Malta. The city is situated in the North East side of Malta and commands great view of the bastions of Valletta as well as St. Julian’s Bay. A number of hotels are scattered throughout Sliema catering for various budgets. Also the city has a good bus network and most hotels are located within a 10 minutes walking distance or less from the bus stop.

While staying in Sliema you can indulge yourself in a number of relaxing activities. A number of shopping malls carrying all major international brands as well as a plethora of restaurants are located in different areas of Sliema. Nightlife is also good, with bars staying open till 3-4 in the morning and playing the latest hits. Also during the day or at night one can enjoy a picturesque and romantic walk along the seafront. Another way to enjoy and admire the waterfront is to take a cruise. The cruises vary in length however, most of them are no longer than 3 hours. From the sea, one can take a totally different perspective of Malta, especially of Valletta and the three cities. Sliema is a very safe city and is a great place for families with kids. It is not recommended to rent a car while staying in Sliema as finding a parking is extremely hard.

Weddings in Sliema

Since there are a lot of hotels and good restaurants in Sliema, it is a very popular wedding spot. Couples that choose to tie the knot in Sliema can do so at different budge bracket. Before choosing a location, always check the reputation of the wedding venue. Do not rely yourself on old data (more than one year) as ownership/ chefs of restaurants have a high turnaround. Therefore, what was good yesterday might not be good today. Also before booking your wedding , check the fine prints of the venue. For example some wedding venues will not allow you to have your own music which might be a disappointment while other venues might not give you a reserved area. . It is strongly recommended that you ask the advice of a wedding planner prior to booking your Sliema wedding.

Feedback from some of our clients who had their wedding in Sliema

Yuliya and Alexei – Sliema is a was very busy city in Malta. I was stunned that our wedding planner found us this greatly restored villa to get married into. Despite the wedding venue was in the centre of Sliema it felt very intimate and away from all the hassle and bustle. Very Very romantic and the attention to detail (both our wedding planner as well as from the wedding venue) was incredible.

Jodie and Mike – Loved our Sliema wedding. We had some guests with mobility issued and the wedding venue was a stone throw away from the hotel. The decor, flowers, service and the overall vibe was great. Look forward to visit Malta again and I am sure we will again stay in Sliema

Anita and Paul – We had our wedding in Sliema. The views from the villa were fantastic. It was so romantic. Sliema is a great place to get married, we highly recommend it.

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