Valletta is the capital city of Malta and has a population of around 7000 people. The city is built on a peninsula situated on the southern east part of Malta. Built in the 16th century by the Knights of St. John, nowadays the city is an architectural mix of baroque, neoclassic and (in some areas) modern architecture. While strolling around the long straight roads of the city one cannot but admire the beautiful palaces, churches and gardens situated all around the city. Valletta has been declared a WHO heritage city on 1980 and recently has been proclaimed as the European Cultural City for 2018.

There are a number of attractions in Valletta which are worth a visit however the two must visit places are:

Grandmaster Palace – The palace was one of the first buildings to be erected and is situated in the heart of this city. It was the official residence of a number of grandmasters over the years, then during the British rule it was the governor’s residence and nowadays acts as the Maltese House of Representatives and the Office of the President of Malta. The works of a number of well known artists of that era can be admired throughout the palace. These include the works of Giuseppe Cali, Matteo Perez d’Aleccio and Nicolau Nasoni.

A must see while visiting the place is the armoury. This is housed in what was ones the grandmaster’s stables and has one of the finest collections of armoury of the Knights of St. John era. A very interesting piece situated in the armoury is the Dragut’s sword. Dragut was a fearless Ottoman Empire Admiral who lost his life while trying to win over Malta from the Knights of St. John ruling.

St. John Co Cathedral – This is by far the richest and most remarkable church in Malta. Designed by Gerolamo Cassar for the Knights of St. John, the church is a marvellous example of baroque architecture and art. The Co-Cathedral also houses two of the most prestigious works of Caravaggio: The beheading of Saint John the Baptist (the only signed painting of Caravaggio) and Saint Jerome Writing.

Weddings in Valletta

Valletta offers numerous picture perfect locations to carry out a wedding function. The amazing buildings, the baroque styled gardens and the impressive bastions make an ideal backdrop for a fairytale wedding. Plus being that Valletta is built on a peninsula most places command great views of the Mediterranean Sea.

From our experience of wedding planners in Valletta we can recommend three venues that offer the magical surrounds needed for a wedding as well as the quality service that we strive for.

Feedback from some of our clients who had their wedding in Valletta

Lauren and Chris – I was wowed by the beauty of the garden surrounded by the bastions and the great views all around. Will never forget my Valletta wedding. Thanks to our wedding planners.

Flavia and Paolo – One cannot find words to describe the mood created in our Valletta Wedding Venue. The building was some 400 years old and was restored to great detail. Dining and dancing their felt like travelling through time. The food, service and entertainment provided were top notch.

Megan and Thor – Our Malta wedding was just as I pictured it. The historic setting created in the city of Valletta was perfect. The lush gardens which we picked for our wedding were amazing. The limestone gazebo, used for out civil ceremony, was decorated to great detail and the reception that followed was exquisite. I love all Malta as a holiday destination, but I think Valletta is the best city to get married at due to its rich history and authentic Mediterranean feel.

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