Maltinero Beach

Matlinero Beach is situated in the northern part of the island and commands amazing views of the sea as well as the island of Comino and Gozo. The reddish sand and the crystal clear waters are characteristic of this beach and is the preferred beach for all those couples who wish to have a beach wedding. Being a private beach there is no need to obtain permit to get married on the beach. Also another advantage of getting married on a private beach is that the beach will be all yours. You do not risk finding some noisy group next to your wedding or else finding that there is limited space available on the beach. Remember when it comes to public beaches, barbeques are a very common outing for Maltese and the sandy beaches tend to be very busy during all summer days. As wedding planners we have organised beach weddings on different beaches and we can truly say that this private beach is one of the best beaches available which never fails to satisfy our esteemed clients.

Catering at Maltinero Beach: We have teamed up with a great caterer for this beach which has over 15 years experience in the business. The food variety is excellent and the menus can be tailor made to your needs. You can have an informal beach barbeque as well as a formal sit down meal on a close by terrace (less than 2 minutes walk). The terrace still commands the same great views as the beach and you can enjoy the sunset right in front of your eyes while enjoying a sumptuous meal.

Beach Wedding Decorations: As wedding planners we have created some amazing beach weddings and choosing the right decorations for the beach is key to the awe factor of a beach wedding. Generally the favourite wedding themes for a beach wedding are:

Romantic Wedding Theme - For this theme we generally prefer to use a lot of candles. Generally for a civil beach wedding, we will light both sides of the aisle with candles and also around the civil wedding table. Also for the chairs we love to decorate them with chair covers and some romantic coloured bow like pink, red or purple. Also laying a red carpet and decorating it with flowers adds other touch for the perfect romantic beach wedding.

Exotic Wedding Theme - For this theme we love to use a lot of greenery and colourful flowers which will decorate the aisle for the bride and groom. Also we like to commission a wooden and sheer gazebo under which the bride and groom say their 'I do's'. Bamboo decorations and flower petals add other touch for the perfect exotic wedding in Malta.

Feedback for Maggie from Ireland who got married at Maltinero Beach in August 2012

'Simply perfections thanks to Florina, our Malta wedding planner. We got our dream beach wedding without breaking our bank'

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