Beach Wedding in Malta - Angie and Scott

Angie and Scott are a lovely couple from England for which we had the honour to be their wedding planners for their destination wedding in Malta. They are a perfect match for each other with their witty sense of humour and they complement each other personality to perfection.

Angie wanted her dream wedding to be held in Malta and preferably on a sandy each. She always envisaged saying her wedding vows on the beach, while listening to the relaxing sounds of the waves hitting the shore and a light breeze moving around her. Once she had contacted us, we have directed her to the perfect private sandy beach, which was within her budget. After booking and around six months before their wedding day, Angie and Scott came to meet us in person. It was our pleasure to accompany them to the beach and they were able to visualise everything that we had previously described to them. They were very pleased with the selected venue and entrusted us to carry out all the fine details of their wedding.

On the wedding day, Angie looked really stunning with a gorgeous wedding dress and make up provided by our talented makeup artist. She made her grand entrance to the beach holding her dad’s hands while Scott was, as per tradition, waiting for Angie under the ceremonial tent. Angie walked down the aisle in a vibrant red carpet which complemented the golden sand of the Malta beach to perfection. The beach wedding was a dream come true to Angie and Scott and was a wonderful event witnessed by their families and their friends.

After the beach civil ceremony was over, the guests and the bride and groom moved to a terrace to enjoy some drinks and finger food. Group and couple photos were taken and the couple had time to enjoy some time with their loved ones while enjoying the sunset in the distant sky. For the wedding dinner, Angie and Scott had four dinner tables. Each table was named for popular Maltese beach that the couple has visited during their previous stay in Malta. Their wedding favours were also symbolic of their beach wedding in Malta consisting of tiny message bottles filled with colourful sand.

Angie and Scott enjoyed their beach wedding and so did their guests. Everyone had smiles from ear to ear and danced to the music till the early hours of the morning. For us planning this wedding was a satisfying and pleasant experience. The bride and groom were very cooperative which helped a lot in the planning of this event

‘Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to get the beach wedding I always dreamed of within my budget.’ - Angie (August 2014)

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