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To whom it may concern,

Florina is professional and yet friendly. She was my wedding coordinator and our wedding was perfect down to the smallest of detail. She was the best investment and an asset to have at my wedding.

I admit that I was reluctant to hire a wedding planner, but found it too hard to take care of everything myself. I needed some professional help. She managed to handle everything with ease, kept me up-to-date with everything that was going on and reassured me that everything was under control, as the date got closer. During our wedding, there was not even one single thing that I would have done differently. She got everything spot on. Now I comprehend that a wedding planner is necessary in every wedding, especially in a destination wedding like ours. As soon as Florina took over the wedding planning from my hands, I felt a great sense of relief. The stress was getting too much and I think that no bride to be should go through such stress, after all it is your special day.

Thanks from the heart.


Alison and Ronald got married at the Gozo Famhouse on the 10th November 2015

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