Strawberry Cocktail for your wedding in Malta

Pink Cocktail for your wedding in Malta

When choosing your wedding theme for your wedding in Malta we advice to try to incorporate as many details as possible. For example when choosing your drinks, you should try to incorporate a cocktail, which complements the general theme for your wedding in Malta. So let’s say you selected a pink theme. Then a strawberry flavored cocktail would be ideal as the signature cocktail for the start of the after party or else you can serve it after the first dance.


A Romantic wedding in Malta

Today we will share with our readers some photos of a very joyous and lively couple from Russia who decided to come over to Malta to get Married.  We were lucky enough to meet them and to be booked as their wedding planners for the day.

The planning for their big day started around four months before the wedding date. The selected villa which was used for the civil ceremony and the reception, is situated in Sliema – a popular turustic destination in Malta.  The villa is an 18th century architetural masterpiece and is esquisitely decorated in a contemporary style. On the day of the wedding everything went exactly as planned.  Our  hairdresser and the make-up artist (both with over 10 years experience in thier respective fields) arrived at the bride’s hotel at around 9 a.m.  After around one and a half hour the bridal make up and hair were ready. At around 10.30 our trusted florist delivered the purple and white wedding bouqet and the button hole to the bride and groom. The couple were dressed up and set to leave the hotel at around 11.30am where they found the selected wedding car waiting in front of the hotel entrance.

As requested by the couple, the day started with a photosession in various parts of the island.  The selected photographer, Artem Bruk did an amazing job to capture the beauty of the couple and the surrounds and the result can be admired in the photos below.  Following the photosession, the couple made thier way to the villa for the civil ceremony.  The ceremony was held at sunset in an intimate terrace overlooking the Meditteranean sea.  After the ceremeny the wedding festivitities continues with a stand up reception and a delicious meal cooked by our award winning chef.

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Wedding Rings Inspiration for the bride to be

The wedding ring is the sign of your love to your partner.  It will be worn everyday and is a reminder to your partner of your love and commitment towards her.  So you should take your time and find a ring that reflects your partner’s personality, lifestyle and character in every possible way.

Long gone are the simple wedding bands for woman.  The latest trend in the international market of woman’s wedding rings is a nice moulding complimented by a beautiful diamond.  As a leading wedding ring designer Barry Verragio explains that a diamond complements a wedding ring like a elegant dress makes a woman even more beautiful.

The Verragio woman’s wedding ring collection is truly a collection that reflects elegance and style.  The craftsmanship of the rings is truly flawless.  In this post we have included some of the most beautiful wedding rings of this collection.  You can view the whole collection by visiting

Hello Brides and Grooms to be

Hi, we are professional wedding planners in Malta and we established this blog in order to help the bride and groom to be to plan their dream wedding.  We will give you tips and suggestions to make your dream wedding a reality.  Always keep in mind that planning the perfect wedding requires a lot of time and dedication so you need to invest the time to plan every single detail to perfection.