Wedding Rings Inspiration for the bride to be

The wedding ring is the sign of your love to your partner.  It will be worn everyday and is a reminder to your partner of your love and commitment towards her.  So you should take your time and find a ring that reflects your partner’s personality, lifestyle and character in every possible way.

Long gone are the simple wedding bands for woman.  The latest trend in the international market of woman’s wedding rings is a nice moulding complimented by a beautiful diamond.  As a leading wedding ring designer Barry Verragio explains that a diamond complements a wedding ring like a elegant dress makes a woman even more beautiful.

The Verragio woman’s wedding ring collection is truly a collection that reflects elegance and style.  The craftsmanship of the rings is truly flawless.  In this post we have included some of the most beautiful wedding rings of this collection.  You can view the whole collection by visiting

Vera Wang – Wedding Dress Designer

Today, we want to introduce you to Vera Wang, an iconic wedding dress designer who has revolutionised the wedding dresses industry since 1990. She opened her first store in New York City and was an immediate success.  The philosophy behind the brand was, and still is, to incorporate a modern approach  in wedding dress design. Driven by passion and an artistic eye, the Vera Wang collections are knows for their sophisticated drama, femininity and couture.  Below are some of our favorite dresses from the latest collection. As you will probably realise they are very different from what we generally see in the local Maltese market and we hope they will be of inspiration for the brides’ to be .

Wedding Dress Maltawedding dress malta classicwedding dress malta contemporaryfairytale wedding dress sexy black wedding dress maltadesigner black wedding dress maltatraditional cut red wedidng dress maltacontemporary red wedding dress malta

Making your Wedding a Luxurious and Unique Wedding (Part 2)

wedding planner malta - ice-cream cart

Hope you enjoyed out first part of how to make your wedding a luxurious and unique one. Today I will include another 5 tips that help to make your wedding more exclusive.

Marching down the aisle

A choir at the church is always a good idea throughout the ceremony.  However a more original way to use your choir is to have them walking and singing before the bridal part down the aisle.  Then once they reach the end of the aisle, they will take their designated place for the ceremony.

Table Centerpieces

The table centerpieces are generally used as a focal point at the reception.  Thus try to choose a centerpiece with a different color and design from the rest of the table accessories so as it will pop out. Do not be afraid to be bold and match the color theme of the centerpiece to your overall wedding theme.

Another way to use centerpieces is to incorporate them with the table design, so as the focal point will not only be the centerpiece but the whole table.   Choose colorful and designed tablecloths; match the tablecloths with equally bold napkins and glass chargers; have colorful and matching nameplates and table numbers.

Childhood Treat

Introduce a fun factor in your wedding.  Try to incorporate a shock factor by for example having something usually considered informal at your formal wedding. A very popular idea, which never seems to stop amazing, is to have an old-fashioned ice cream truck or bicycle coming up the reception to serve guests with ice creams and ice-lollies.

A Favor to Remember

Your guests will love to have a photo of themselves professionally taken at your reception .  So ask the photographer to take a snap of all the guests together with their loved ones.  Ask the photographer to print these photos during the reception and with each photo attach a thank you note.  Surprise the guests by having these photos displayed at the exit and give their photo as they exit the venue. If you want to add a bit more of wow factor.. have personalized frames done for the occasion and give your guests a framed picture together with the thank you note.