Wedding Rings Inspirations for the Groom to be

Fair is fair, for the past month we have been asked over and over again for wedding rings inspirations for the groom.  So today in our post we will illustrate some of the most beautiful wedding rings for the guys.

Men’s wedding rings over the years have also evolved.  I remember there was a time were all male wedding rings were a simple plain gold band.  Whilst today these type of rings are still preferred by a small percentage of the grooms to be, the most popular rings we see nowadays are more elaborate and designed.  Also for the past three years or so we have seem an increase in the number of groom’s wedding rings which include small diamonds

When choosing a wedding ring for the groom, always keep in mind practicality.  Also choose the wedding rings that fits his lifestyle.  For example if the groom to be has a relative sedentary lifestyle you can go for the more flashy rings.  However if your boyfriend has a manual job or is involved in sport, we would recommend you go into the more simple wedding ring models.

Below we will illustrate some of our favorite wedding rings for the groom from the latest Verragio collection.  Finally if you require any specific advice for your wedding feel free to contact us on our contact form on  We will be more than happy to help you out.

Vera Wang – Wedding Dress Designer

Today, we want to introduce you to Vera Wang, an iconic wedding dress designer who has revolutionised the wedding dresses industry since 1990. She opened her first store in New York City and was an immediate success.  The philosophy behind the brand was, and still is, to incorporate a modern approach  in wedding dress design. Driven by passion and an artistic eye, the Vera Wang collections are knows for their sophisticated drama, femininity and couture.  Below are some of our favorite dresses from the latest collection. As you will probably realise they are very different from what we generally see in the local Maltese market and we hope they will be of inspiration for the brides’ to be .

Wedding Dress Maltawedding dress malta classicwedding dress malta contemporaryfairytale wedding dress sexy black wedding dress maltadesigner black wedding dress maltatraditional cut red wedidng dress maltacontemporary red wedding dress malta

Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero

For every bride there is a perfect wedding dress waiting to be discovered.  The latest Maggie Sottero collection is an amazing collection for the brides and a definitely must see.  From classic to contemporary, from chic to elegant this collection is simply amazing.  The details and textures used are superb. Pearl Weddings Malta recommends this collection to all our clients.  The collection is available in various stores and countries worldwide.  Below, we have included some on our favourite wedding dresses in this collection.  You can view the whole collection by visiting

wedding planner malta - stylish wedding dresswedding planner malta - contemporary weddding dresswedding planner malta - dream wedding dresswedding planner malta - amazing wedding dress

wedding planner malta - wedding dress

Maggie Sottero -wedding dress – weddings in maltawedding planner malta - wedding dress desing

Destination Wedding Bridal Grown Guide


 Wedding Planner Malta


So you made up your mind and you are going to some beautiful wedding destination abroad.  A great adventure for you and your close friends that will result in pleasurable memories for all your life.  However, did you think about your wedding dress?  Your partner in crime for your big day, your stunning wedding dress.  For a destination wedding choosing the right wedding dress is a bit of a more of a task and you need to take some extra factors into consideration.  Below I am listing the essentials for your destination wedding dress.


Your wedding location is a key factor for your dress


The weather – Choose light materials if you are getting married in some exotic hot destination.  Remember that you will need to wear the dress for long hours. If it is a morning wedding details on the wedding dress are very important as these will be very visible in the daylight.  For an evening wedding choose a sparkly wedding dress that will glitter under the moonlight.


Is it a sandy beach or a garden? It is important that you know the grounds where you are getting married.  Choose a practical wedding dress and wedding shoes for the environment that you will be getting married at.  Forget a bulky dress if you are getting married on the beach or on some uneven grounds.


Dimensions, Dimensions and more Dimensions


Ok, so you found your dream wedding, with a long trail and you are getting married in a small chapel in the middle of nowhere.  Great idea, but did you check if the chapel is spacious enough? Verify that your wedding dress is not only beautiful but practical for the setting that you chose. You will end up incredible frustrated if you start hooking up to every bench in the church or not being able to walk around comfortably in the wedding venue.


The Fabric


If you are heading for some hot climate go for all natural fabrics that feel fresh on your skin and lets your skin breath.  Synthetic fabrics wrinkle less but will make you sweaty and especially if it is a morning wedding might even end up with a rash.




Now you got yourself your perfect wedding dress but you need to take it to the wedding destination. Overhead compartments in plains are not exactly wedding dress friendly so your best bet is either buying a ticket seat for your dress or else make arrangements with professionals at your destination wedding site to iron the dress.