Wedding Planning Tips Part 1

Wedding Planning Malta Tips


Planning a wedding is stressful to say the least, especially in today’s hectic life.  However if you decided to do it on your own, we are going to include a number of articles in the comming days with some valuable planning tips. The first 5 tips are given below

Your Guest list should be on top of the agenda

Sit down with your better half and draft a list of guests that you would like to invite to your wedding. When drafting the list of guests I find it helpful to put a score to each guest. The score can be 1 or 2 or 3.  Score 1 means that the guests must be invited to the wedding.  This list will include all of your families and close friends plus close work colleagues.   Score 2 means that preferably these will be invited to the wedding however they might not make it to the final guest list.  Score 3 means that they can be comfortably be left out of the guest list but if there is extra space and cash their presence will be welcomed.

Cross the busy days out of the diary

When fixing your wedding day, check that there are no major events on the same day in the saem area.  So check that there are no marathons, big conferences or festivals that fall on the same day.  Also check that there are no international events that might reduce the number of guests attending.  Such events include for example important football match.

Consult the weatherman

Check that the selected venue is adequate for the time of year that you are getting married.  For example if you are getting married in a gazebo in peak summer, guests might leave early if you do not have adequate air conditioning.  Also, if you are planning an outdoor wedding make sure that the venue has a backup option in case of bad weather.  Last and not least, make sure that you plan your wedding day around the daytime on that specific day.  For example if you want a sunset wedding make sure, you know what time the sunset is going to take place.

Vendor Selection

Some vendors work better together than others.  For example, if your photographer and videographer do not work well together it will spell disaster.  So let some vendors lead you to the next.  Also prior to booking check the reputation of the vendor, check the contract and most importantly the payment options.

Overbudget? Do some trimming

When you are over budget the easiest thing to come back on track is to reduce some of the guests.  So if you are following the scoring system, check how many guests have with a 3 or 2 score and reduce some.  Roughly around half your budget is going to go on food and drinks. So if let’s say every guest is going to cost you €80 and you mange to reduce a table of 10, you immediately saved €800.

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