The Sun House – Wedding Venue Malta

This wedding venue in Malta is simply stunning .  First of all let us start with the view.  It is simply amazing.  You will be literally surrounded by the Mediterranean sea with view of the two smaller islands of Malta: Gozo and Comino.  Also a couple of steps from the venue is a fantastic sandy beach.  You wil literally be surrounded by sand, sun and sea.


The atmosphere of this wedding venue is simple yet elegant and blends in with the unspoilt surrounds perfectly.  Its minimalistic yet exquisite finishing coupled with the amazing view which can be admired from every corner inside the venue makes this place truly one off.

We have teamed up with a top wedding caterer for this venue.  The selection of food is vast and focus on fresh ingredients which are purchased on a daily basis.  Also the selected service staff is top class.

Getting married in Malta and in this beautiful wedding venue is easy: If you opt for a church wedding we can help you choose one of the intimate chapels or bigger churches which are located in the area.  While if you opt for a civil wedding we can make the necessary arrangements for an officialant to come on location.

If you require more information on getting married in Malta or on the venue do not hesitate to contact us on or  Our team will be more than happy to help you out.


Making your Wedding a Luxurious and Unique Wedding (Part 2)

wedding planner malta - ice-cream cart

Hope you enjoyed out first part of how to make your wedding a luxurious and unique one. Today I will include another 5 tips that help to make your wedding more exclusive.

Marching down the aisle

A choir at the church is always a good idea throughout the ceremony.  However a more original way to use your choir is to have them walking and singing before the bridal part down the aisle.  Then once they reach the end of the aisle, they will take their designated place for the ceremony.

Table Centerpieces

The table centerpieces are generally used as a focal point at the reception.  Thus try to choose a centerpiece with a different color and design from the rest of the table accessories so as it will pop out. Do not be afraid to be bold and match the color theme of the centerpiece to your overall wedding theme.

Another way to use centerpieces is to incorporate them with the table design, so as the focal point will not only be the centerpiece but the whole table.   Choose colorful and designed tablecloths; match the tablecloths with equally bold napkins and glass chargers; have colorful and matching nameplates and table numbers.

Childhood Treat

Introduce a fun factor in your wedding.  Try to incorporate a shock factor by for example having something usually considered informal at your formal wedding. A very popular idea, which never seems to stop amazing, is to have an old-fashioned ice cream truck or bicycle coming up the reception to serve guests with ice creams and ice-lollies.

A Favor to Remember

Your guests will love to have a photo of themselves professionally taken at your reception .  So ask the photographer to take a snap of all the guests together with their loved ones.  Ask the photographer to print these photos during the reception and with each photo attach a thank you note.  Surprise the guests by having these photos displayed at the exit and give their photo as they exit the venue. If you want to add a bit more of wow factor.. have personalized frames done for the occasion and give your guests a framed picture together with the thank you note.


Making your Wedding a Luxurious and Unique Wedding (Part 1)

wedding planner malta - wedding boxThe most important thing when planning a wedding is to create the right setting for people to have fun, so your first priority should go on that. Make sure you got enough food, drinks, entertainment and that the venue is fit for the number of guests that you invited.  Any other monies on top of that should go no creating a wow factor for your guests.  Unfortunately there is no secret formula that will help you impress your guests however these ideas should get you started.

Make it Big from the Start

Send the invitations with style. Instead of using conventional mail, have them delivered by hand.  Affix to the invitation some personal touch like a rose, a mini champagne bottle or a small wedding gift.

If you are on a budget, you can still personalize the invitations using conventional mail.  My favorite is to order custom made stamps with a picture of the bride and groom. Or another great idea is to hire the service of calligrapher to write your invites in style.

Make a scene….or rather find one

Find venues that provide a view or that offer a unique experience in themselves.  If you plan to have your reception in a restaurant or ballroom, find one, which is set on high grounds.  Guests will love a view of the city below them or better still some amazing sea view.  If you are planning to have a bit of more character in your wedding, find a historic place or a villa which has some great garden or which is luxuriously decorated.

Make Two Grand Entrances instead of One

Yes, you can have a change of outfit during your wedding night.  Wear the traditional wedding dress while going down the aisle, then when it comes time to party, change into something more easy.  It will not only impress your guests, but you will also be able to move more freely and enjoy your party time more.  If you want to make it more bold, change into a dress that is not white, perhaps some nice cocktail dress in some bright fashionable color.

Photo/Video Booth

This proves to be fun time and time again.  Provide a photo booth were your guests can have some candid shots taken.  Set the booth so as you will have a copy of all the photos printed so as you can use some in your wedding album or guestbook.  Also you can provide a video booth where your guests will leave you a personal message. Help your guests by providing conversation starters like “When we were kids…” “Funniest moment with you…”  etc.

Wedding Planning Tips Part 4

Welcome to the 4th and final part of our wedding planning tips.  Hopefully by now we have set you in the right timeframe to plan your event.

Set-up Times

Keep in mind that the venue has to be set-up before the event.  The flowers, decorations, food music equipment all need their set-up times.  So make sure that the venue is at least available from the morning before the wedding.  Never agree on set-up times of one hour before the wedding.

The Legal Stuff

Every country has its own legal requirements to get married.  So make sure to check beforehand what you need to make your wedding official.  In addition, for the documents needed check with your local authorities how long it takes to issue the certificates.  Never rely on online information.  Keep in mind that the information might be not up-to-date.

Make sure you get what is important for you

When it comes to budgeting for your wedding, make sure you do not lose your focus and get what really matters to you.  So make a list of all the items that you wish for your wedding. Categorize each item on the list with a ranking of 1 to 3.  Invest most of your budget on your number ones and cut corners form your number threes. So for example if getting a diamond wedding ring is a must for you, be prepared to cut corners on your wedding invitation budget.

The Wedding Directory

Make a list of contact names and telephone numbers of all the supplies.  Make two copies of it.  A list should be kept by a trusted member of the bridal’s party (preferably a bridesmaid) and the other should be kept by the groom.  I

The Final Count Down

Finally as the wedding day approaches do not get lost on the details.  Now it is the time to focus on  the most important aspects of your wedding namely:

  • Confirm all the suppliers. We generally recommend you to do it twice: 1 month before the wedding and around 3 days before the wedding.
  • Confirm the bridal and groom’s party – This should be done at least one month before the event.
  • Final dress fitting – make sure you do this around a month before the wedding so if there is something that needs further alteration there is time for it.
  • Invites – Send the wedding invites 4-5 weeks before the wedding so as gusts can make their plans to attend the event.


Wedding Planning Tips Part 3

Welcome back to the 3rd part of our guidelines for planning your perfect wedding day.  In this article, we will discuss six more important points to consider:

Kids are They Welcome or are They Not

You have to make a uniform kids policy for your wedding day to avoid hurt feelings.  You have four options to choose from:

  • You can welcome all guests kids to the reception
  • You can have an adults only wedding
  • You can include immediate family only kids
  • You can hire a childcare service or make arrangements with a play school to keep the kids during the reception.

Guest List Tiers

Prioritize your guests into at least 3 tiers.  Immediate family and best friends are the top tier.  The second tier includes the rest of the family uncles, cousins, aunts and close friends.  Finally, in the third tier include work friends, your parents’ friends, neighbors and other friends.

Plan carefully and slowly

Do not rush to book suppliers.  Take it a step at a time and prepare a wedding schedule of things to do.  Do everything in a logical order. For example do not hire any supplier before you booked the venue.  Do not book music until you verified that music can be played at your venue and you have an allotted space. Do not book a cake until you decided on a wedding theme. Do not print the invites until you have decided on your guest list.


Once you have booked the venue start looking at accommodation in the area.  Search for hotels in different price ranges that can accommodate different bracket of guests.  Make arrangements with hotel management to reserve rooms and try to obtain a special rate for the occasion.  However if the hotel imposes a cancellation policy (which includes fees) just look elsewhere.  You do not want to be responsible for rooms you do not fill.

Getting There and About

Do not rely on online maps for directions.  The routes might be wrong or their might be some unexpected delays like road works or some festival.  Best is to ask the venue for the best route. Always test the route yourself before giving it to your guests.

Get it in Writing

Never take anyone’s word.  Contacts might change or forget until your wedding day.  So if you agree anything over the phone or in person with any of the suppliers, just send a confirmation e-mail when you reach home to your supplier.

Wedding Planning Tips Part 2

Wedding Planner Malta 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of the wedding planning tips from your wedding planner Malta Today we will explore some other tips, which you need to consider for your wedding:

Get Wedding Organized

Realize from the very beginning that organizing a wedding requires you to be organized else, you will get lost half way through.  So get a ring folder and use it to organize all your e-mails, letters and agreements with suppliers.  Also create an e-mail account specifically for the wedding.  Believe me the correspondence might end up quite a lot.  Finally store on your mobile any supplier that you book.

Feeding the extras

When planning your wedding keep in mind that you will have a number of wedding crew on site as well.  These include photographer, videographer, musicians, waiters, bar staff etc.  So if you are serving finger food, add the crew to the final number of guest.  While if you are doing a seated meal it is advisable to agree with the caterer on a good but less value meal for your wedding crew.

Drinks, Drinks and more Drinks

You will need a bar person every 40-50 guests.  If you plan on serving cocktails as well in your wedding it is advisable to have a separate cocktail bar.  The number of bar staff catering for this bar depends on the complexity of the cocktails that you are planning to serve.  For example if the mixtures cannot be prepared in large qualtities ahead of time you will need more bar staff.  Best is to consult with the experts when setting us such bars.

Plan for the unexpected

No matter how much planning you put in a wedding, you are bound to forget something.  So always keep some spare cash.  We advice our clients to plan for around 10% extra.  The two most common extra expenses that couples incur are: extra guests added in the guests list few weeks before the wedding and extras for bride’s party attire such as matching shoes and bags.

Guest Turn Down

The rule of thumb is that around 20-30% of the guests will not attend.  The turn down rate  depends a lot on location, time of year, date of the week and size of wedding.  For destination weddings, turn down rate will be higher.  Generally, what we recommend for destination weddings is that the bride and groom inform their guest of their plans before sending the invites.

Wedding Planning Tips Part 1

Wedding Planning Malta Tips


Planning a wedding is stressful to say the least, especially in today’s hectic life.  However if you decided to do it on your own, we are going to include a number of articles in the comming days with some valuable planning tips. The first 5 tips are given below

Your Guest list should be on top of the agenda

Sit down with your better half and draft a list of guests that you would like to invite to your wedding. When drafting the list of guests I find it helpful to put a score to each guest. The score can be 1 or 2 or 3.  Score 1 means that the guests must be invited to the wedding.  This list will include all of your families and close friends plus close work colleagues.   Score 2 means that preferably these will be invited to the wedding however they might not make it to the final guest list.  Score 3 means that they can be comfortably be left out of the guest list but if there is extra space and cash their presence will be welcomed.

Cross the busy days out of the diary

When fixing your wedding day, check that there are no major events on the same day in the saem area.  So check that there are no marathons, big conferences or festivals that fall on the same day.  Also check that there are no international events that might reduce the number of guests attending.  Such events include for example important football match.

Consult the weatherman

Check that the selected venue is adequate for the time of year that you are getting married.  For example if you are getting married in a gazebo in peak summer, guests might leave early if you do not have adequate air conditioning.  Also, if you are planning an outdoor wedding make sure that the venue has a backup option in case of bad weather.  Last and not least, make sure that you plan your wedding day around the daytime on that specific day.  For example if you want a sunset wedding make sure, you know what time the sunset is going to take place.

Vendor Selection

Some vendors work better together than others.  For example, if your photographer and videographer do not work well together it will spell disaster.  So let some vendors lead you to the next.  Also prior to booking check the reputation of the vendor, check the contract and most importantly the payment options.

Overbudget? Do some trimming

When you are over budget the easiest thing to come back on track is to reduce some of the guests.  So if you are following the scoring system, check how many guests have with a 3 or 2 score and reduce some.  Roughly around half your budget is going to go on food and drinks. So if let’s say every guest is going to cost you €80 and you mange to reduce a table of 10, you immediately saved €800.