Wedding Planning Tips Part 2

Wedding Planner Malta 2

Welcome to the 2nd part of the wedding planning tips from your wedding planner Malta Today we will explore some other tips, which you need to consider for your wedding:

Get Wedding Organized

Realize from the very beginning that organizing a wedding requires you to be organized else, you will get lost half way through.  So get a ring folder and use it to organize all your e-mails, letters and agreements with suppliers.  Also create an e-mail account specifically for the wedding.  Believe me the correspondence might end up quite a lot.  Finally store on your mobile any supplier that you book.

Feeding the extras

When planning your wedding keep in mind that you will have a number of wedding crew on site as well.  These include photographer, videographer, musicians, waiters, bar staff etc.  So if you are serving finger food, add the crew to the final number of guest.  While if you are doing a seated meal it is advisable to agree with the caterer on a good but less value meal for your wedding crew.

Drinks, Drinks and more Drinks

You will need a bar person every 40-50 guests.  If you plan on serving cocktails as well in your wedding it is advisable to have a separate cocktail bar.  The number of bar staff catering for this bar depends on the complexity of the cocktails that you are planning to serve.  For example if the mixtures cannot be prepared in large qualtities ahead of time you will need more bar staff.  Best is to consult with the experts when setting us such bars.

Plan for the unexpected

No matter how much planning you put in a wedding, you are bound to forget something.  So always keep some spare cash.  We advice our clients to plan for around 10% extra.  The two most common extra expenses that couples incur are: extra guests added in the guests list few weeks before the wedding and extras for bride’s party attire such as matching shoes and bags.

Guest Turn Down

The rule of thumb is that around 20-30% of the guests will not attend.  The turn down rate  depends a lot on location, time of year, date of the week and size of wedding.  For destination weddings, turn down rate will be higher.  Generally, what we recommend for destination weddings is that the bride and groom inform their guest of their plans before sending the invites.

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