A Magical County for a wedding all year round – Malta Malta Malta

Thank you very much for the encouraging e-mails that we have received on our last post. ‘A Romantic wedding in Malta’.  Well it was a fun filled day for the bride and groom and the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect.  Well, but guess what… that was not a summer wedding.  Actually that wedding took place in October.  Yes while most of Europe was either flooding or experiencing wet weather, here in Malta  it was sunny and hot.  Actually by the end of their stay here, the bride and groom ended up going back home with a tan.

So the weather is another reason why I, as a wedding planner, believe that Malta is an ideal country for a destination wedding.  You simply can count on your fingers the number of wet and cold days in this country.

So what else makes Malta an ideal wedding destination? I think here it is better to put them in point form

  1. The wedding Venues – The selection of wedding venues is a lot and varied – Valletta wedding venues, Historic Wedding Venues, Sea View wedding venues etc.  Plus you will never be more than 30 minutes from your hotel.
  2. The price – Malta offer great value for money when compared to most wedding destinations
  3. The weather – Almost 365 days of sunshine a year
  4. Civil wedding – You can actually get legally married here and the wedding will be valid when you return back in your country
  5. The food – With the right guidance you will be in for a gastronomical delight
  6. Talent talent and more talent – With the right help you will get amazing floral artists, singers, hairdressers and make up artists for your big day all at very good prices.

If you require any help to plan your wedding day here, please do not hesitate to contact us. I, as a wedding planner, will be more that delighted to help you design your big day here in Malta. So visit Pearl Weddings Malta and contact us by filling the contact page.

Now, as you followers requested, I will include some more photos of this wedding.  You can see the joy and happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom in almost every photo.



Choosing your Wedding Photographer

wedding planner malta

You are planning everything to perfection for your wedding day but did you spend enough time researching your photographer in order to find the ideal photographer that suites both your style and your budget.

Well below I am going to give you some hints on how to choose your wedding photographer:

Your wedding your style

Well there are two types of wedding photography style for your wedding: the reporter style and the traditional style.  Generally, all photographers will have a particular style form these two which they are more comfortable in.  Traditional style of photography involves posing for the bride and groom and the family.  It is designed to make the bride and groom look at their best and has been used for weddings since the beginning of photography.   Reporter style of photography is a more modern trend in wedding photography.  Basically, the philosophy behind reporter style of photography of wedding is that of capturing the emotions of the wedding.  There are no poses at all.  The photographer will narrate the wedding with random photographs that will capture the mood for the wedding as well as your guests.  In my opinion the best type of photography is a mixture of both so as you will have some posed photos which you can frame and some reporter style photos which will evoke memories whenever you see them. 

Meeting your photographer

Make sure that you feel comfortable with your wedding photographer.  Preferably make a photo shot with him before booking so as you will know that you can understand his direction and that you are comfortable and feel at ease with him.

Explain to him the style of photography that you like and see albums with the specified photo shots.  Also some photographer work in team so make sure that the album that you are seeing was produced by the actual photographer that will come to your wedding.  Finally if you are also booking a videographer, ask the photographer if he has some preferred videographer with whom he works.   Do understand that the photographer and videographer has to spend a long time together and if the two do not work well together eventually the final product will not be as good as it should be. 

The wedding package

Photographers generally offers a variety of wedding packages to choose from.  The basic service will include covering the wedding day for around 1 to 3 hours.  Other optional services involve a pre wedding photo session, a post wedding photo session and a rehearsal session.  Also another service which is getting popular these days is to cover not only the wedding ceremony but the whole day which will be around 6 hours. 

The photo rights

The number of photos that the photographer takes during a wedding varies from photographer to photographer.   Generally it can vary from around sixty photos to over a thousand photos.  Also some photographers will give you a high resolution copy of all the photos so as you can reprint while others keep the photo rights and you will have to ask and pay the photographers for reprints.

Album vs CD

For destination weddings a CD is highly advisable.  Usually to retouch and edit photos for a photographer takes a much shorter time than to produce an album.  Plus albums are heavy and might be dmaged during transportation. 

Confirmations and re-confirmations are the key for a successful wedding day.  So make it a point to confirm all the suppliers for your wedding.  As regards to photographers, confirm the booking around three to six months before the wedding and  reconfirm two weeks before the wedding.