The Sun House – Wedding Venue Malta

This wedding venue in Malta is simply stunning .  First of all let us start with the view.  It is simply amazing.  You will be literally surrounded by the Mediterranean sea with view of the two smaller islands of Malta: Gozo and Comino.  Also a couple of steps from the venue is a fantastic sandy beach.  You wil literally be surrounded by sand, sun and sea.


The atmosphere of this wedding venue is simple yet elegant and blends in with the unspoilt surrounds perfectly.  Its minimalistic yet exquisite finishing coupled with the amazing view which can be admired from every corner inside the venue makes this place truly one off.

We have teamed up with a top wedding caterer for this venue.  The selection of food is vast and focus on fresh ingredients which are purchased on a daily basis.  Also the selected service staff is top class.

Getting married in Malta and in this beautiful wedding venue is easy: If you opt for a church wedding we can help you choose one of the intimate chapels or bigger churches which are located in the area.  While if you opt for a civil wedding we can make the necessary arrangements for an officialant to come on location.

If you require more information on getting married in Malta or on the venue do not hesitate to contact us on or  Our team will be more than happy to help you out.


A Magical County for a wedding all year round – Malta Malta Malta

Thank you very much for the encouraging e-mails that we have received on our last post. ‘A Romantic wedding in Malta’.  Well it was a fun filled day for the bride and groom and the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect.  Well, but guess what… that was not a summer wedding.  Actually that wedding took place in October.  Yes while most of Europe was either flooding or experiencing wet weather, here in Malta  it was sunny and hot.  Actually by the end of their stay here, the bride and groom ended up going back home with a tan.

So the weather is another reason why I, as a wedding planner, believe that Malta is an ideal country for a destination wedding.  You simply can count on your fingers the number of wet and cold days in this country.

So what else makes Malta an ideal wedding destination? I think here it is better to put them in point form

  1. The wedding Venues – The selection of wedding venues is a lot and varied – Valletta wedding venues, Historic Wedding Venues, Sea View wedding venues etc.  Plus you will never be more than 30 minutes from your hotel.
  2. The price – Malta offer great value for money when compared to most wedding destinations
  3. The weather – Almost 365 days of sunshine a year
  4. Civil wedding – You can actually get legally married here and the wedding will be valid when you return back in your country
  5. The food – With the right guidance you will be in for a gastronomical delight
  6. Talent talent and more talent – With the right help you will get amazing floral artists, singers, hairdressers and make up artists for your big day all at very good prices.

If you require any help to plan your wedding day here, please do not hesitate to contact us. I, as a wedding planner, will be more that delighted to help you design your big day here in Malta. So visit Pearl Weddings Malta and contact us by filling the contact page.

Now, as you followers requested, I will include some more photos of this wedding.  You can see the joy and happiness in the eyes of the bride and groom in almost every photo.