Wedding Planning Tips Part 3

Welcome back to the 3rd part of our guidelines for planning your perfect wedding day.  In this article, we will discuss six more important points to consider:

Kids are They Welcome or are They Not

You have to make a uniform kids policy for your wedding day to avoid hurt feelings.  You have four options to choose from:

  • You can welcome all guests kids to the reception
  • You can have an adults only wedding
  • You can include immediate family only kids
  • You can hire a childcare service or make arrangements with a play school to keep the kids during the reception.

Guest List Tiers

Prioritize your guests into at least 3 tiers.  Immediate family and best friends are the top tier.  The second tier includes the rest of the family uncles, cousins, aunts and close friends.  Finally, in the third tier include work friends, your parents’ friends, neighbors and other friends.

Plan carefully and slowly

Do not rush to book suppliers.  Take it a step at a time and prepare a wedding schedule of things to do.  Do everything in a logical order. For example do not hire any supplier before you booked the venue.  Do not book music until you verified that music can be played at your venue and you have an allotted space. Do not book a cake until you decided on a wedding theme. Do not print the invites until you have decided on your guest list.


Once you have booked the venue start looking at accommodation in the area.  Search for hotels in different price ranges that can accommodate different bracket of guests.  Make arrangements with hotel management to reserve rooms and try to obtain a special rate for the occasion.  However if the hotel imposes a cancellation policy (which includes fees) just look elsewhere.  You do not want to be responsible for rooms you do not fill.

Getting There and About

Do not rely on online maps for directions.  The routes might be wrong or their might be some unexpected delays like road works or some festival.  Best is to ask the venue for the best route. Always test the route yourself before giving it to your guests.

Get it in Writing

Never take anyone’s word.  Contacts might change or forget until your wedding day.  So if you agree anything over the phone or in person with any of the suppliers, just send a confirmation e-mail when you reach home to your supplier.

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