Wedding Rings Inspirations for the Groom to be

Fair is fair, for the past month we have been asked over and over again for wedding rings inspirations for the groom.  So today in our post we will illustrate some of the most beautiful wedding rings for the guys.

Men’s wedding rings over the years have also evolved.  I remember there was a time were all male wedding rings were a simple plain gold band.  Whilst today these type of rings are still preferred by a small percentage of the grooms to be, the most popular rings we see nowadays are more elaborate and designed.  Also for the past three years or so we have seem an increase in the number of groom’s wedding rings which include small diamonds

When choosing a wedding ring for the groom, always keep in mind practicality.  Also choose the wedding rings that fits his lifestyle.  For example if the groom to be has a relative sedentary lifestyle you can go for the more flashy rings.  However if your boyfriend has a manual job or is involved in sport, we would recommend you go into the more simple wedding ring models.

Below we will illustrate some of our favorite wedding rings for the groom from the latest Verragio collection.  Finally if you require any specific advice for your wedding feel free to contact us on our contact form on  We will be more than happy to help you out.