Wedding Cake Selection Tips


Wedding Planner Malta

The wedding cake is the centre of attraction at the wedding venue.  Generally after the wedding day the thing that guests remember most are the bridal dress and the cake s choosing the right wedding cake is very important.  The cake should reflect your personality and fit within the wedding theme that you selected.  Below we will give you some tips that will help you select the perfect wedding cake for you:


Most bakers can do any shape that you desire, however round and square are the most practical.  They are the easiest to cut and portion and thus will result in quicker service for your guests. Best is to search in bridal magazines and  over the internet for a design that you like, pick a couple, print them and take them with you to the baker that you select.

Baker Selection

The selection of bakers available is vast and the quality and service they offer vary.  So how will choose the best baker?  Well searching and asking around is a good gauge.  So search over the internet for reviews and comments. Also ask for tasters so as you can taste the quality of the cake that you will actually have on your wedding day.  

The selected baker should fits your needs and personal preference. Also prior to committing check the contract details and see that all the agreed items are listed in there.  Preferably when it comes to contacts  ask for professional help or involve your wedding planner.

Cake Decoration

Here you can let your creative mind go wild as most bakers can safely decorate the cake as per your specifications.  Just keep in mind that the more details you incorporate the higher will be the price tag.  Typical items that you can incorporate in the decoration are ribbon, flowers and sugar paste designs and figurines.  Whatever decoration you go for, make sure it is not too heavy that it might sink in the cake. Always show your wedding cake design to your wedding planner so as you wil know for sure that your cake will fit the overall general theme of the wedding. 

The Yummy Filling

Long gone the days when a wedding cake had to have a fruit filling.  Nowadays chocolate, carrot, vanilla are being selected by an always increasing number of brides.  Choose a filling that you like and that goes well will the food items that you will have in the wedding reception.   You can also mix and match flavors. Preferably ask for assistance to the baker  to guide you on which flavors go well best. Finally when selecting a filling keep in mind the decoration weight that the cake has to withstand.

Size Matters

Prior to committing to a cake make sure you know the number of guests that you will be inviting. This will determine the size and tiers that the cake will have.  Make sure all the guests can have their big  slice of cake, to join in the celebrations and also appreciate the taste of your beautiful wedding cake.